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Making A Guide 1

Guides are how tos or tutorials that fit somewhere in between technical documentation and blog posts. They generally seek to answer a single question such as "How do I create a guide using this theme?" and are heavy on code snippets. In this case there are actually two ways to create a guide:

Autopopulating data from GitHub

To automatically grab relevant authorship and data information make sure you set repo to a publically accessible GitHub repo and also set autoPopulate to true in the theme config.

Once you have done that then you can make a guide by adding the following frontmatter to your markdown file.

You must set the title!

Note that because of how the underlying components are layered and called you must set the title in the frontmatter. This will populate the h1 on the page. You can and should then omit the h1 in the markdown content itself.

title: Making A Guide 1
guide: true

You can check out the full markdown file that generated this page hereopen in new window. If you are interested in manually setting the authors, date and edit link then check out Making a Guide 2