Getting Started


To start you should install the theme into your VuePress 2 site with either yarn or npm.

yarn add @lando/vuepress-theme-default-plus --dev
npm install @lando/vuepress-theme-default-plus --save-dev

MUST USE VUEPRESS 2.0.0-beta.40+

Due to breaking changes introduced in vuepress@2.0.0-beta.40open in new window you must update to at least that version to use this theme. If you cannot update VuePress for whatever reason then use version 1.0.0-beta.30 or lower of this thene,


Import the theme directly to your theme keyopen in new window in your VuePress 2 config.js and pass the config into the theme function.

const powerTheme = require('@lando/vuepress-theme-default-plus');

module.exports = {
  theme: powerTheme({
    docsDir: 'docs',
    docsBranch: 'main',
    navbar: [
      {text: 'GitHub', link: ''},

Check out the configuration page for the complete set of config options.