This extends the default VuePress 2 themeopen in new window with some extra power and features such as:

  • Easily distributable default config sets and shared navbar items
  • Additional containers to help spruce up your Markdown
  • Google Analytics/Tag Manager support
  • HubSpot tracking code support
  • Automatic metatag generation
  • Features to help combining different docs sites into a single coherent docs experience
  • Docsearch support
  • Customizable SidebarHeader header for larger and more complex sites
  • Automatically generated and customizable Previous Versions page
  • Automatically generated and customizable Contributorz page
  • Additional Guide page type
  • Additional global components for YouTube, MailChimp, Jobs and Sponsors
  • A top-of-page alert banner
  • robots.txt and sitemap.xml generation
  • Customizable columns for Navbar subitems
  • CarbonAdsopen in new window support


  • This theme works WAY better with public GitHub repos.